Monday, October 20, 2014

Months 6 & 7

Marking another late post for me! 

Our precious little Rascie (short for Rascal) Angel is growing fast and is now on the move... hard to keep up with her these days! These past two months have been busy ones for Hannah: learning to crawl, exploring many places in the house, learning to pull up on things to stand, and getting her share of bumps along the way. Mamma's only relief is when she can trap her in the high chair for some attempted eating! We've also been working on a better nap and sleep schedule. About a month ago, Hannah finally decided that 10pm was too late for bedtime and began sleeping at 7.30! This is a great relief for the evening, but it also makes for an early baby riser- which mamma is not always ready for if the evening/night was spent catching up on the undone chores. But, enough sleep deprivation will force you to eventually change, so I have tried to get into a better sleep schedule myself. Enough talk, here are some photos for you!

Hannah with a baptismal cross she received from one of her favorite Aunties

On her six month birthday, I caught her standing in her crib. Don't worry, since then, I have lowered the base, so she can't even poke her head over the top anymore.

6 months

6 months

Classic Hannah smile :)

Serious Hannah ready for church

7 months relaxing in her highchair 

7 months cute, even with cereal all over!

7 months

7 months with Mr. Bunny in recovery in the background... I'll tell that story later ;)

7 months with her 'crawling socks' on. Though she seems to 
get along just fine on the hard floor without them. 

Watch out house.


  1. Cute!!! Thanks for the update!

  2. She sure has made a lot of headway these last weeks! I've missed out on so much...sigh. Great pix! I'm glad to see she takes church seriously. :)

  3. Well, I finally sat down today to catch up on weeks of Facebook postings (!) and saw your beautiful picture of Hannah, so I HAD to take the time to catch up on ALL your postings and pictures since May! (Seems I should have plenty of time to do this, but I don't). Hannah is growing so fast and is so alert---it's lots of fun but I'm sure she keeps you VERY busy (does "multi-tasking" even cover it?)! Thanks SO MUCH for generously taking your precious free time to share your life with all of us on your blog; I can't imagine doing that while running a household with a baby in it! I hope you are starting to get more sleep. I have found that 6 through 18 months are the very CUTEST and happiest times with babies (before they start to have their own opinions!) so allow yourself to take time to enjoy these special months--you deserve it, you've certainly earned it!! LOVE YOU and miss you! God bless you all!

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