Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cameron Highlands

I have been curious about the Cameron Highlands for a long time now, and we were waiting for an opportunity to go. Opportunity came in June to have a family celebration there, in honor of our little niece's 1st birthday. We had a great time and it was actually cold enough that I had to wear a sweatshirt (everyone was making fun of me)!

Here's the little nugget, so cute and shy! One year old!

Nicole with her parents- Edwin's sister, Carol, and her husband, Rajesh. 

Cameron Highlands is a place where a lot of produce is grown and distributed throughout the country. There are tons of greenhouses and fields of different fruits and vegetables. 

We couldn't stop, but next time we will surely visit the Lavender Gardens. 

They grow quite a lot of strawberries. We went and had strawberries and ice cream... so good! The difference is that the berries are grown in green houses and not in fields.

Lots of lush greenery around, it was such wonderful fresh air.

Cameron Highlands is a pretty big tourist area, so there are also many resorts and hotels. If you notice, the buildings have a British-feel to their architecture.

We went to the Catholic Church there- Our Lady of Mount Carmel (if I remember correctly). It is a newly built church, as they have an old Monestary which had been used. There is still an order of nuns that live at the Monestary.

Above is 'Father's House'. I guess you can go and stay, or maybe they do retreats? It looked like such a peaceful place, right next to the church, on top of a hill. 

This is the old Monestary. They have not done very well at maintaining, unfortunately. 

Edwin would probably tackle me if he knew I put this one up, but I thought it was cute! He was being ridiculous (and proper with his napkin) at dinner. The whiskey may have helped ;)

More scenes from the town and the surroundings; you really see the British influence in the houses and buildings. Edwin always gives me a complete history lesson!

Cute house we passed in the car.

Back at home.... 

Random photo, but we had a traumatized bird that I caught and placed in this container. He didn't need to recover for long and flew off before bedtime. Luckily Meera didn't squash him!