Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Month 3

We are in our third month (almost 15 weeks) of having our little bundle home with us! Things have quieted down a bit, and Hannah seems to be well adjusted to home now. I try to be an 'organized mommy', establishing certain times for baths, when I cook meals, when to start the bedtime routine. Sometimes it works.... and most of the time it doesn't. I guess that's the story of being a mom! Although I do well with routine for many things- and I remember the day when I would never go out of my routine- I am learning more and more that babies just don't always know to follow those routine rules.

Hannah has become an expert roller to the right (including getting that bottom arm out). She now prefers to sleep on her tummy, which worried me for a while. Of course they tell you to put baby on their back to sleep- but what happens when they flip to their tummy as soon as you lay them down? Luckily I found out that I share this problem with about 3/4 (just guessing) of the moms out there! For any who don't know, it is ok for baby to sleep on the tummy if they are able to move their head side to side and if they are able to roll.

Hannah with her play gym

We celebrated Father's Day a day late, which also happened to be Hannah's 3 month birthday. We made Daddy a cake, put on her special 'Daddy makes me smile' onsie, and tried on her flower headband.

She's not sure what to think about her headband.

Waiting for Daddy to come home! Sorry for the angle of this shot,
it wouldn't rotate...

Not too pretty to look at, but I think it tasted alright! 
I am still perfecting my chocolate chip writing :)

We had some visitors last weekend and Hannah got to meet her 3rd cousin! These adorable gals are both half Indian, half 'European' babies :) and born within 2 weeks of each other. Actually Hannah was due to be born first, but she decided to come 9 days late. They enjoyed some crib time and even held hands! It was fun to watch them try to converse as well! Babies are just too sweet...