Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Flowers

Edwin wanted to do some more video taping today. So here are a couple videos of around our home, and Meera of course!

Here's Meera and I with our new flowers.

My Home During Tea Time

This is how I live....sometimes.

Monday, March 18, 2013

A bit about Meera

Just a quickie here tonight! But I wanted to share a couple of videos of our dear dog, Meera. She is a dog with quite the trouble-making personality... when we get home, we never know what we will find. If she is lying down in her 'crocodile' position, not running up to us, then we had better look around and see what she has damaged! (that is her guilty pose) 

This first one is of Meera getting a bath. She gets a bath inside in one of the bathrooms, because she is more docile. Have a watch!

This one shows Meera with the bunnies. She is quite a good guard of them. And when they escape she is sure to catch them as well... sad day. But, she does like them as companions.

More on Meer later!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's Been a While...

It's been a while since I had time to get on here and write! We've been very busy with 'work' items the past couple weeks... I'm happy to finally be able to give some updates :)

I am thankful for work, and I love being involved in things- sometimes in the past, too MANY things I guess! We can all probably say that nothing quite beats being home, doing housework (for the ladies) or catching up on what needs to be done (for all of us). As I sit here I hear the thunder rolling and the storm is coming in fast!

So now I'm content, and want to explain a bit about the businesses we are involved in.
Though they have nothing to do with each other, they are linked because our core team is the same for both. Edwin has his communication therapy business, named LEMM International Therapy. 'LEMM' is for the initials of two of their parents (including Edwin's). They are a speech, language and communication therapy provider for children with special needs.
Ok, that sounds like a tagline- which indeed we do use that line! People don't usually know what speech and language therapy is. Honestly, I didn't. Basically, anyone with special needs- autism, down's syndrome, global delay, language delay, stroke, etc. can benefit from our therapy service. The beauty is that it is not that complicated, but people usually overlook the basic essentials of communication: eye contact during a conversation, looking at you as they request something, waiting patiently. Edwin is excellent at his work and he trains others to carry out individual programs to train the child and their parents. It is a unique program, especially in Malaysia, as it is home-based.
Edwin is the clinical head for the program, and he oversees all aspects of the business. Of course there is a lot of learning and growing along the way, and we have had ups and downs. Edwin and the main partner created the program, putting one's clinical experience together with the others' business experience. It has been just about a year now. We've learned a lot about business- some good things and some disappointing things. The main good is that the business IS growing and we are all learning! The disappointments come when we see how most people do business... money-seeking, bribery... As Catholics it makes us very sad, upset... makes us shake our heads. But, we do realize that this is the world- we are not to be of the world but live in the world doing what we must do to serve.
And so, I must count our blessings. I am happy to also have a role in the business- most of the time it is for marketing the program: speaking with people, parents, answering questions about the program, and various 'office' duties. Our dream was to build the business together, which we have been blessed to be able to do. We can both work from home, with Edwin doing visits and meetings as necessary- this is a big blessing that we will appreciate better when our children come along.
The other business is a bit more difficult to explain, and I won't say as much about it for now. Basically, it started as the owner's hobby and is now being expanded into a business. Picture: if you see Iron Man walking around outside, it draws attention. You then come see the display of various movie props and collectibles: some memorabilia from the movies, replica swords used on Lord of the Rings, movie scripts signed by the actors, etc. So, these items are used as crowd-pullers, fun for kids and families... and some weird people who love this stuff so much that they fall to their knees... yes, I have seen this. One word: ridiculous. :) But take a look at some of the photos we've taken:

My favorite: Aragorn and Legolas from Lord of the Rings

 Darth Vador- no there is not a real person in there!

Iron Man: The 'heart' and helmet replicas from the movie

Batman movie masks and movie scripts.

Iron Man- the live version!

Edwin with Batman comic art

All of our time has been going toward this for the past 2 weeks, as we have been doing an exhibit at the local state museum. It can be fun to talk with everyone and give them tours, also talk about LEMM; but it certainly has also been exhausting!

Now in other updates... We have reached stage 3 of our rabbit home! Maybe you noticed in the picture above, but there are now two parts prepared.

It is taking up quite a bit of our front porch area! But, there hasn't been much time or man-power lately to do a lot on the project. Hopefully soon Ed and Uncle can get it all finished up!

We have been working quite hard to tend to all the trees and plants in our yard. The trees, though still young and fairly small, are growing well. There aren't many flowers planted yet- BUT, I was happy when this little guy bloomed out! We haven't seen a flower from this plant since our wedding in December! 

Now, I realize this post is getting quite long. So lastly, we are both getting anxious to go for a visit to the US!  Though we've had other timing speculations, we have decided for several reasons that we will come in August. At this time, we will be there to celebrate the marriage of two special people ;)  and we will plan to have a reception for Edwin and I as well.

Thank you for reading, may God bless and keep all of you!