Friday, August 29, 2014

5 Months

Hannah is in her fifth month, 24 weeks old to be precise. She's been an active gal this month so far! She is now sitting up very nicely and tries her darndest at crawling. From crawl position on all fours, she does this little wiggle-scoot then head falls down and she pushes forward with her legs until settling on her belly in front of her toy of choice. It is all very cute and amusing to watch! Of course it has resulted in slow hair growth on the sides of her head, but no matter.

Hannah has also discovered a few tasty foods including: rice cereal, banana bite wafer, carrot, sweet potato, and banana cereal. She loves leaning forward to bite the spoon and does seem to love eating... although sometimes I wonder if she likes just chewing on the spoon better.

This month Hannah has been much more aware of everything around her, and as a result it seems she HAS to be occupied all the time. She loves being outside in the stroller watching the dogs and looking around. She also loves being carried around in her carrier to see what mommy is doing.

It is a joy to watch her grow, and though I usually don't see the little differences each day, I look at 'old' photos and see how much she's grown in these few months of life. Truly amazing! Life is so precious.

I see the camera...

Mommy's making a weird noise...

Oh, is that something I can grab?

Num, love my carrots, but I also love having control over this cup!

I'm going to love this dirty-mouth picture when I'm all grown up!

Mommy has an obsession with putting this ribbon on my head lately...

I'm cute!

Sleepy Hannah with sleep-deprived mommy

Gangsta-style ribboned Hannah with her farm animals!

Ready to go outside and see the woof woofs!

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  1. Golly! Looking at the picture of Hannah in the stroller gave me a flashback to an old photo of me as a of about two in existence, HA! It's startling and sweet to see a shadow of myself in my darling granddaughter!