Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yes, This Blog Still Exists

Well, I've decided that my sabbatical from blogging is officially over! These past few months have been filled with many new milestones for growing little Hannah... and mommy learning to deal with a now toddling little one!

Hani- as we now call her quite often- started taking steps on dada's demand! What an obedient daughter, haha! For Edwin's birthday on December 20, he told her that she could start taking steps, so that day she decided to try a couple. Now, I've discovered that she really ONLY listens to dada  :)  When he says no to something, she will wrinkle her nose and face and start to cry! When mamma says no, it doesn't phase her. Hmmmm, trouble?

It is quite amazing to see the transformation from lying down or even crawling baby to walking.. baby. I feel like I can hardly call her a baby anymore! Now at 11 months, going on one year, Hannah is all around the house getting into anything she can. She frequently makes new discoveries, such as cupboards and items she can reach, things she can move to get to other things.... so we get to do a bit more creative rearranging in the house.

Hani has two favorite words/sounds that she has been honing for a few months now. She will say mammama when she wants something from me and dadadada when she is going after daddy. Otherwise she loves babbling and talking to herself or others. She is quite a loud little one and loves to stretch those vocal chords with screams and yells... usually when she is either happy or upset! In public she can be quite shy, though, burying her head in mommy's shirt, though she does like smiling at others.

Recently she has started to get over her intolerance of being held by other people, which has come as quite a relief! After not spending more than an hour away (a couple different times) from Han for all these months, and then coming back to a screaming baby, I now may be able to start having grandma and grandpa watch her for short periods of time. I try to remember that this is a phase and I WILL get a mental break in my life again! I love my Hani to pieces, but it is necessary to have a bit of a sanity break from all her activity once in a while :)

We are getting ready to make the big trip over to the US in April and are quite excited to see a lot of family and friends over there, many who have not met Edwin or Hannah! We will be in Oregon for almost a month- with a week's worth of time spent in Missouri to visit family there. I'm a bit unsure how Hannah will handle the 24 hour flight over and back, so I'm hoping to think it through enough and gain any tips I can before we leave!

With those updates, I will leave you with some photos! Thanks for not giving up on me and my sporadic blogging!! I promise to post soon, as Hannah will have an important announcement! :)

9 Months at Christmas

Mommy and Hani

Blurry but happy for 10 month old Hannah!

With her turtle toy!

11 Months and trying on some fancy dresses from Grandma :)

Daddy, come out!

Studying her bug toy

In her favorite suit, sitting on the steps at home


  1. My advice for the trip: bubbles, movies and candy (suckers work well, they last a while and can't be swallowed...if you aren't giving her sugar, than this is a great exception to the rule). :) Can't wait to see you!!

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