Tuesday, August 5, 2014

4 Months Almost Past

I'm finally getting around to posting some photos of Hannah during her 4th month.... even though she's now closer to 5 months! She's getting more and more alert to everything around her. I just love waiting and wondering what new things she'll do next. Typically she's happy and content, but when she's hungry or tired, then you will see how well developed those lungs are as she screams at the top of them!

She discovered her toes this month and loves to play with them and try putting them in her mouth!

A nice walk and some play time in the water with the family!

Daddy and daughter! Hannah loves her Daddy!

One of my Malaysian sisters, Vino, and I being weird :) ... she was trying to push me in the water. 

Edwin has been continuing to work on building a structure for storage and as a car park. Getting closer to being done, he's enjoyed the work and done a good job!

Mommy and Hannah

Hannah likes to come out in her stroller in the evenings. We watch the dogs play and growl at each other, and watch Daddy while he works.

Hannah's playtime on the floor with her foam pad-puzzle pieces. 

More stroller time.

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