Friday, February 15, 2013

Recent Happenings...

As you may know, usually you have only so many days/months that you are allowed to visit a country, before you must leave. Since we are still figuring out my spousal visa, toward the end of January we had a couple options: either pay the nice fee to extend my stay, or go for a trip down south to visit my friend Kirsty and then over to Singapore. So, we opted for the trip! Though it was a quickie, it was wonderful to see Kirsty, whom I had met in Corvallis at the Newman Center, and spend a bit of time with her and her parents. Johor (her town) is right across from Singapore, so we took an evening drive, going over to this wealthy country! So many people on such a small island! The city is quite built up and pretty clean... which is different from most of Malaysia ;) First we explored a church (below) and Edwin showed us the hospital that he used to work at. Then we went to Clarke Quay (2nd photo), which was kind of like a Disneyland for pubs and culture- we saw lots of white people! Everyone seemed out of touch with reality, and quite into their fashion and dinner parties. But, nonetheless, it was nice to see it. They have cute little boats going on the river right there, very romantic (though we did not ride one). 

The next day we did some touring of Johor with Kirsty and her mother. They showed us the two Catholic churches in Johor. We also drove to a marina where there were a lot of private boats kept. Edwin and I found one that we liked, which was for sale... only $4 million.... maybe someday ;)

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