Wednesday, November 20, 2013

25 Weeks

Little One Lawrence is 25 womb weeks today! About the size of a rutabaga, from what I read. Baby is a pretty regular mover, except when he/she is sleeping. Other symptoms I've had: a bit thicker hair (I need it!), fast growing toenails (I'm sure you wanted to know), always waking up tired, and usually an appetite for sizzling tofu. I have an aversion to onions and too much spicy food. This poses a problem when my husband pretty much always wants curry of some sort for dinner... and I make my new found recipe of split pea soup! But, he has been bearing with me well, and has never complained about my food. 

What amazes me is that with all the care taken when you are pregnant- extra vitamins... those for spinal and brain development, etc- there are still those people that contend that baby is not a baby until he is born. I just wonder, what brain and whose spinal cord do they think our body is working to develop? I just find it fascinating that all this growth and development goes on without me actually knowing what is happening. I eat food, I take vitamins and rest, I am careful, and baby forms! Ok, I know it's not nearly that easy. God is amazing like that. 


  1. Well said, Kerry! I think every pregnant Mom instinctively knows there is lots going on that is not her "choice" but is amazing, mysterious, and undeniably life-giving. The freedom of Trusting in God leads to all the best choices!

  2. Thanks for the update! Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well. Your in our prayers. God IS amazing =)