Monday, April 15, 2013


It's becoming increasingly more difficult to be a Christian these days.

We are, in fact, assured by Jesus that, "In the world you face persecution. But take courage; I have conquered the world" (Jn 16:33).

There are many things the world deems good and true, which in fact are neither good nor true. Truth is truth, it cannot be changed. However, the ones who in fact hold firm to truth, are often deemed the enemies of society: discriminatory, narrow, homophobic, anti-choice, anti-feminist, intolerant, close-minded... each issue now-a-days has it's own word for those who do not agree with the 'majority' of society.

Another verse for you: "If the world hates you, be aware that it hated me before it hated you. If you belonged to the world, the world would love you as its own....If they persecuted me, they will persecute you.' (Jn 15:18-20). In the reading from Acts for today (when I first drafted this, that is), the Apostles, who were arrested, were taken and flogged for preaching about the risen Christ. They were told over and over to stop talking about Jesus if they knew what was good for them. And yet, 'As they left the council, they rejoice that they were considered worthy to suffer dishonor for the sake of the name.' And of course, they did not stop teaching others about Jesus.

What an example! Such inspiration to be strong in our conviction as Christians, as Catholics! It is not a right to be arrogant, rude, impatient toward those who do not believe or do not understand. It is in fact, our place to be servant. It is our place to live by example. To live a humble, service-filled life; not only service toward others, but most of all, service of the Lord. Humble, as in being upright, not trampled over- just as the Apostles exemplify. This also means, following the will of God in your life; something which is at times very difficult to discern. For myself, I can be concerned about what other people will think. However, I have found time and time again that it is precisely that which would make me unpopular, that God is asking of me. Exactly those issues that many people 'go along with' as to not offend others, that as a Catholic, I find the need to speak about.

There are two big issues considered political to many 'Westerners' today (I say Westerners because, living in SE Asia currently, I do not see the same issues being focal points in this society. But, nevertheless, I am still a Westerner, 'European-American' as my dear husband has called me) The issues of abortion and homosexuality are two of the most divisive issues in America. These 'issues', if we should call them that, are more of a moral nature than political. In fact, the root of these 'issues' involve human dignity, and a respect for God's plan in our lives. Please know, this is not to put anyone down, or to seem above anyone- I know plenty of people, some of you maybe, who will disagree with what I write. But please, don't be deterred from reading on.

I stated above that truth just is. Whether we believe the truth or not, is irrelevant. It doesn't matter what we think, it's not going to change what is true or not. Too often, people view this upside down: whatever they (or a group of people) think is true, then it is true. And even if others don't agree, well that's fine, but for us, it's truth. This thinking, is false. This thinking makes everything complicated. Truth is actually very simple, as it should be. Have you ever noticed that when you tell the truth, it's much easier than trying to evade and make something up. Maybe even different stories go to different people and they end up swapping stories! Surely somewhere you'll get caught! It's the same here. It is the un-truths which complicate things; when people don't want to look at the truth, don't want to admit to themselves or others, that which is true. Most of all, when we don't want to CHANGE ourselves to fit what is true... that is the hardest part, and the BIGGEST motivator in sticking with that which is false.

If you followed me at all in that, I thank you for being patient with my writing.

Abortion is the killing of a human being. This human is unborn, but human; smaller, but human; in a different environment, but human. We have all been there. We wouldn't be here today if we hadn't been there. There is not much to complicate this; even science proves the unborn baby is alive. The complication comes with the act of abortion, the act of killing the baby before he is born (or in more and more cases, actually AFTER the baby is born).  The complication is that people now have decided that they do not want the baby, he will be inconvenient, they cannot afford, etc. They believe it is their right to have that conviction. It has even lead people to deny that there is a human life at all, before birth.

We may not like someone, is it our 'right' to have the option of killing them? Of course not! All the recent school shootings, as an example. The government is up in arms (no pun intended) about school shootings (rightly so), but when it comes to other forms of killing... it's ok? This is an inconsistency... an unnecessary complication of life. Sad that a bundle of joy should become such a complicated issue. Sad that so much hatred goes on between people over something as innocent as a child. But, this is what the world is coming to- we actually need to stand up to save lives!

Homosexuality is such a HUGE topic in the US now. Again, I am not writing here to condemn or preach to anyone; I know people who are homosexual. Also, I will not cover all the recent issues over homosexuality, but my thoughts from articles that I have read recently.

Homosexual unions have helped to distort marriage. Marriage is instituted by God, as Catholics it is one of seven sacraments we receive in our lifetime. Marriage is a good and holy union, meant for love and for the procreation of children. Marriage means man and woman. This is a truth. Because God made us, male and female He created us. He created female to be with male. My lowly self cannot deem that female and female 'marriage' or male and male 'marriage' is right, when God (who is ALL of our creator) is the one who created marriage. Love is from God, and He created us to love and to have order in that love. Love begets, which means, love is so powerful that woman conceives from man, and we take part in the miracle of life growing inside. This does not happen from female-female or male-male relationships. That is a fact. And so many may disagree, but it will never change truth.

I want to say something else about homosexuality. I do not hate homosexuals. In fact, I have compassion for them. Let me explain. Everybody, no matter who we are, has a longing for love. It is written on our hearts, it is ingrained in us. After all, we are created in the image and likeness of God, out of HIS love! This great mystery of love reveals that God does not hate anyone. God has compassion. He has compassion and mercy for all of us. None of us are perfect. Every single person on this earth needs forgiveness, mercy, and compassion. We certainly don't give or get enough of that in today's world. And so, I have compassion. Because I know that those in same-sex relationships are seeking love. However, they are seeking it in the wrong way, and as a result can never be wholly satisfied while traveling down that path.

I read an article several months back, which was written by a homosexual man. I greatly respect him. Actually he is married... yes, to a woman.... and they have kids! And, he is happy. He talked about the challenges and what he went through as a young man when he discovered he was attracted to other men. But, he worked through to the root of his issues, and made a decision to follow God's plan for relationships and marriage. This is commendable.

Each of us have our crosses to bear. Each of us must decide in our lives to take up our cross, however challenging this may be. Too often in the media we are fed an image of life that is unreal: we should be always entertained, always having fun, it is our right to have the best. These false images make it all the more harder for us to face challenges in life. And so again, we can look at our example today of the Apostles. Who instead of being deterred by those who disagreed and had the power to harm them, they rejoiced at their pain. Because they bore it for Jesus and for Eternal life.


  1. Our new bishop was just here, confirming a large group from our church (thanks be to God!) and his sermon yesterday touched on the very points you bring up, Kerry. The bishop earnestly urged the newly confirmed to "not betray their true selves...the person formed by conscience and aware when they are going against what's best for them" when "friends" draw them into disobedience. Bishop Liam also prayed that all of us would be given the gift of "courage." He said that courage is becoming more and more important as we face blatant attempts to get us to "privatize" our faith by keeping it to ourselves and not "bothering" anyone else with it. Does that mesh with "Go, and make disciples of all nations"? As most of us know or suspect, the world is desperately hungry for the message, the good news, even when they "think" they don't want to hear it. Nowhere else and in nothing else will they find the peace and joy they crave in this life, and certainly not for the life to come. Courage. It's a gift worth praying for.

    Moral Relativism. That's the fancy name for what Kerry described in everyday terms above. Like truth is something that can be selected and traded-in at will in some virtual marketplace for cultural morality. I don't think any of us have to look very far to see that THAT idea totally isn't working.

    I've read many good articles on same-sex marriage...and why there really cannot be such a thing...much as some would like to pretend. Marriage was not a human invention...though we humans like to give ourselves credit for "figuring out" and shaping all that was, is, and will be. Simple biology does not lie...and is usually given a wide margin of respect in the scientific community. But, lo and behold, we want what we want, and we want it now. Future generations of children who will be acquired like property for our same sex satisfaction be damned. Biology be damned. It's all about gratification, right? Unfortunately, if this comes to pass, I feel that it won't take long, not long at all, to see the error of our willfulness.

    Tolerance to the detriment of those who demand it is not tolerance, but acquiescence in a lie. There's room for us all and all are wanted and called. What we do with that call is what we wrestle, woman, child, gay, straight, etc. Good thing we are not alone.

  2. If the baby you save save from abortion grows up to be homosexual, will you support them?