Monday, March 18, 2013

A bit about Meera

Just a quickie here tonight! But I wanted to share a couple of videos of our dear dog, Meera. She is a dog with quite the trouble-making personality... when we get home, we never know what we will find. If she is lying down in her 'crocodile' position, not running up to us, then we had better look around and see what she has damaged! (that is her guilty pose) 

This first one is of Meera getting a bath. She gets a bath inside in one of the bathrooms, because she is more docile. Have a watch!

This one shows Meera with the bunnies. She is quite a good guard of them. And when they escape she is sure to catch them as well... sad day. But, she does like them as companions.

More on Meer later!

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